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8:00am – Pre-Conference Sessions & Auxiliary Events

12:00pm – Lunch & Auxiliary Events

4:00pm – Keynote #1

5:00pm – Dinner & Auxiliary Events

6:15pm – Vignettes & Keynotes #2

8:00pm – Fireside Chats


8:30am – Matins & Keynote #3

10:30am – Workshop Round 1

12:00pm – Lunch & Auxiliary Events

1:00pm – Workshop Round 2

2:15pm – Eve Anderson Tea

3:15pm – Keynote #4

5:00pm – Dinner & Auxiliary Events

6:15pm – Readings & Music (Keynote #5)

8:00pm – Auxiliary Events


8:30am – Matins & Keynote #6

10:30am – Workshop Round 3

12:00pm – Lunch & Auxiliary Events

1:00pm – Workshop Round 4

2:30pm – Closing

Session Details

To assist you in selecting which workshops to attend, we’ll post session descriptions and tag sessions into four tracks: the Classroom, Beginner, Neuroatypical, and and Teen tracks. Of course any attendee is welcome to attend any session; these tracks are just our recommendations and a place to start. Look for a (B) marking sessions in the Beginner Track, a (C) for the classroom track, (N) for the Neuroatypical, and (T) for Teen on the schedule. The online conference broadcast will include keynotes and breakouts from the first two days of the conference (June 16 and 17).

*Immersions are limited to 40 attendees*

Teaching Elementary Grades in the Home and Classroom with Alveary Team

Join Alveary team members as they walk you through a morning of elementary lessons using Alveary lesson plans. During the first hours, attendees will experience lessons as students, following the scheduling principles and teaching methods laid out by Mason. The second part of the time will be devoted to discussion and questions. Attendees will receive a copy of the lesson plans and schedule used.

Please bring: a notebook, a pencil (in addition to pens for note-taking), watercolors, and a small paintbrush.

Teaching High School in the Home & Classroom with Kerri Forney, Kathryn Forney, Kelli Christenberry

Do you know what Charlotte had the students doing and reading in the upper years? Are you wondering what a Charlotte Mason high school schedule could look like? Would you like some encouragement for staying the course and continuing to apply Mason’s principles and methods for your teenaged students? Come to this pre-conference session on High School led by members of the Charlotte Mason’s Alveary high school team, and join them as they walk you through many aspects of a CM high school day using Charlotte Mason’s Alveary’s high school curriculum. The day will include demonstration, discussion, immersion, and time for questions. The goal of the time together is to spread a feast of ideas and tools to encourage and inspire you along the CM high school road.

Troubleshooting for the Neuroatypical Student or Neurodiverse Classroom with Danielle Merritt-Sunseri

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the different neurodevelopmental needs of your students? Do you feel unsure of how to adjust when these varied needs don’t seem to line up with your curriculum? Would you like a strategy that is both practical and rooted in relationship?

“One hour’s worth of planning can save you ten hours’ worth of work.” After years of raising children with both typical and various neuroatypical needs, Danielle has developed an effective method of planning and troubleshooting to bring peace and balance to the schoolroom. This method is built on a relationship of respect with students. She will teach you her method, strategies to continually grow with the student, and address some of your current challenges in this 5-hour immersion. Just bring your current schedule, a notebook, and your favorite planning tools (whether spreadsheet or pencil and paper) for a day of coaching and collaboration. We will begin the day with some guiding principles. Then we will begin applying those principles to address your current challenges and to anticipate those that will come. We will incorporate specific examples, which participants will be invited to contribute two weeks prior to conference.


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