May 13, 2017

Will You Stand on This Mountaintop and Dream with Me? by Tara Schorr

I have been working with a group of people just starting out on their Charlotte Mason journey. It has given me the opportunity to see with […]
June 5, 2016

Awakening The Souls Of Parents With Young Children by Kelli Christenberry

Could it be that the souls of all [persons] are waiting for the call of knowledge to awaken them to delightful living. Mason, An Essay Towards a […]
May 24, 2015

Not Just For The Children by Joy Shannon

Somehow my goal has changed; it is funny, isn’t it? One day we wake up and realize things are different. It didn’t happen overnight — it […]
March 30, 2015

An Invitation to Purposeful Change by Dr. Cindy Swicegood

God made all kinds of people: the timid and the bold; those who need to put one toe in to test the waters and those who […]
May 15, 2011

Becoming a Charlotte Mason Teacher: Paradigm Shift Required by Jennifer Spencer

So you think you might want to be a Charlotte Mason teacher? You’ve read Susan Schaeffer Macaulay and your eyes have been opened? Great! Now what? Friends, […]
March 28, 2009

A Rose By Another Name by Jennifer Spencer

In my last blog, I mentioned the clash of worlds in which I currently find myself: A Mason elementary teacher working in a public high school. […]


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