September 3, 2020

My Journey with Living Books by Nancy Kelly

[From her introduction to the curated collection of Parents’ Review articles on the left*] Prepare to be delighted by the Parents’ Review articles that focus on […]
April 13, 2018

To Set Their Feet in a Large Room by Therese Racklyeft

  Perhaps the main part of a child’s education should be concerned with the great human relationships. Vol. 3, p. 234 . . . a subject […]
January 20, 2018

‘The Play’s the Thing’ (Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2, 603-605) by Dr. John Thorley

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet Prince Hamlet has the idea of putting on a play that he hopes will cause a reaction in his uncle Claudius. The play […]
January 6, 2018

Macbeth: A Seared Conscience by Bonnie Buckingham

    What, you egg? Young fry of treachery! (Act 4, Scene 2) This line was chosen by most of my students to copy. We busted […]
December 3, 2017

Tales from Shakespeare by Nancy Kelly

There is a book that is near and dear to my family’s heart. This book introduced us to a whole new world at the beginning of […]