Natural History Club Director

The Charlotte Mason Institute is hiring a part-time contract worker to develop Natural History Clubs. In addition to the requirements listed below, the person for this work will need to have a proven track record of strong communication skills (written and oral), both in listening to others and communicating effectively with a variety of people groups. Strong organizational skills are a must. A proven record of a love of nature and a solid science background will be required. And, above all, a successful record of working with children is required.

The person hired for this position will be expected to work both independently and with a team working towards providing the Charlotte Mason community with vital information about Mason’s philosophy and practice especially as regarding nature, science and natural history.

The person accepting this contract position will be required to have a background check completed.

In addition to the above requirements, the following tasks and skills will be needed throughout the development of natural history clubs. Assistance will be provided when needed, but the person hired is expected to ask for assistance and seek advice from others.

The person applying for this position must have at a minimum a bachelors degree.

Organize regional leaders

  • Assist families in finding their local groups
  • Create a database showing how local groups may be found

Work with a team to determine the annual subjects of study

  • Create a course of study for each subject, including resources for the parents, activities for the children, a timeline of what to look for

Organize social media outlets

  • Instagram- follow and repost nature pictures from NH club members
  • Facebook- moderate to ensure that the focus is encouragement and shared resources

Create general outlines for how club meetings should be run

Create guidelines to express reverence for nature in accordance with state and federal laws and Mason’s philosophy

  • No picking wildflowers
  • No collecting material from state or federal parks
  • Adherence to the Bird Migratory act, which prohibits the collection of feathers and nests for most native bird species
  • And, others

Organize webinars/podcasts for parents’ and club leaders’ education, for example:

  • Brush drawing
  • Nature safety
  • Introduction to the subjects of study
  • Work with the executive director to have invited guests for webinars/podcasts

Organize publication of the children’s magazine – Natural History section

  • Accept and select submissions
  • Determine layout which can be repeated in each issue
  • Distribute magazines, either digital or physical

Manage membership, membership patches and sign up fees

  • Maintain a means for the selection and distribution of club patches
  • Prepare yearly budgets with projected expenses and revenues that enable the Nat’l History clubs to be financially viable following CMI procedures and requirements for maintaining and preparing budgets
  • Develop a means of record keeping of clubs, clubs members and distribution of patches
  • Suggest a means for local clubs to manage their records

Develop a timeline for the implementation of Natural History Clubs

  • Provide a timeline that indicates the complete process of preparing to start clubs through the first year of running clubs.

Work closely with the creators of Charlotte Mason’s Alveary for both Forms 1-3 and Form 4-6

  • Coordinate special studies
  • Coordinate any science
  • Work with CM’s Alveary creators to structure a Natural History journal as described above

Design/organize clubs in such a way as to involve all members of the Mason community regardless of membership in CM’s Alveary

Set up database of living books for the subjects of study

Interested in this position?

To apply, please send a PDF or Word Document of your resume to