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Charlotte Mason in Canada

Mountains, Planets, and Picture Books

Bringing Geology to Life with Stephanie Russell

Charlotte Mason in Indonesia

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The Wingfeather Saga Series – Book Review by Chalise Bondurant

Mason in the Classroom – Blue Willow Tutorial

A Soldier of the Great War – Book Review by Scott Forney

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Charlotte Mason in Korea

Education as Atmosphere – a Conversation with Rebekah LeClaire

Mason in the Classroom – Ingleside Tutorial

Tips on Using Technology with Crecy Ragan

January Thaw

Advent For All: Magnify the Lord

Humble Roots – Book Review by Nancy Kelly

Christmas with the CMI Board

The Eternal Child by Charlotte Mason

Advent For All: Make Straight the Path

Advent For All: Preparing for Peace

Advent For All: In the Beginning

Charlotte Mason in Zimbabwe

Recovering the Lost Art of Reading – Book Review by Dr. Shannon Whiteside

Beauty for November

Noticing Small Things

The Tech-Wise Family – Book Review by Kelli Rummel

Mason in the Classroom – Crestwood Day School

More than Dyslexia with LeAnn Burkholder

Join Our Team – Operations Director

Noticing the Season

Charlotte Mason in Brazil

Thinking Like a Scientist with John Muir Laws

Redefining “Feast” by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Lessons By the Way – Mary Dewar

Fostering Thoughts Toward God – CMI Conference Audio

A Fable in Bricks and Mortar by G. K. Chesterton

Spotlight on Geography – a French Christmas

Spotlight on Geography – Christmas Traditions in Mexico

Spotlight on Geography – a Filipino Christmas

Spotlight on Geography – an Australian Christmas

Journeying to Mason – a Testimonial

Mason in the 21st Century (Exclusive Audio)

Yardsticks – A Book Review

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My Journey with Living Books by Nancy Kelly

Update on CMI’s 2020 Conference

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Diapers or Bible Study: Do I Have to Choose, Part IV by Carroll Smith

Diapers or Bible Study: Do I Have to Choose, Part III by Carroll Smith

Diapers or Bible Study: Do I Have to Choose?–Part II by Carroll Smith

Diapers or Bible Study: Do I Have to Choose? by Carroll Smith

Dorothea Beale, Charlotte Mason and H.B. on History by A. Smith*

2019 CMI Tribute – Karen Andreola

Mason and the Older Student Immersion by Kerri and Kathryn Forney at the 2019 CMI Eastern Conference

The Charlotte Mason Classroom and Relationships: How to Teach Children to Grow and Maintain Healthy Relationships by Storm Hutchinson

Inspiring Mathematical Ideas: “Quicken the Imagination” by Suzanne Bazak

Science and the Appetite for Knowledge Immersion by Danielle Merritt-Sunseri

Nature Study Immersion by Marcia Mattern

Multi-age Homeschool Immersion by Nancy Kelly

Elementary Immersion Session for Schools and Large Groups

Connect, Learn, Grow with CMI Study Groups

The Lessons of an Only Child by Antonella Greco

Look Where You Want to Go by Colleen Klatt

“The World to Come” by Art Middlekauff

The Benefits of Reflective Practice by Cathy Barrington

Reflections on a week spent at an Unwalled University by Melissa Solomon

Studying Architecture: Observations With Historic Sites by Kerstin McClintic

Mason and the Older Child Immersion by Kerri and Kathryn Forney

Are You a CM Beginner?

Understanding Executive Functions by Andra Smith

When do Children Meet with God? by Colleen Klatt

Alveary Immersion With Dr. Jen Spencer and Alveary Team

“The Blessing of a Kindred Spirit” by Kelli Christenberry

Sunday-Keeping for Children by Celeste Cruz

Miss Mason’s Music Immersion by Heidi Buschbach

My Struggle to Trust Charlotte by Nancy Elliott

The Story of Grains of Gold Co-op in Roanoke, VA by Polly Pauley

Nature Study Immersion at CMI Eastern Conference 2018 by Marcia Mattern

A Reflection on the Development of Charlotte Mason’s Educational Ideas by Margaret Coombs

Teaching the Chronology of History by Emily Kiser

To Set Their Feet in a Large Room by Therese Racklyeft

You Lost Me at Charlotte Mason by Brittney McGann

Multi-age Homeschool Immersion by Nancy Kelly

Musing on the Feast by Shannon Goods

A Truth That Anchors by Joy Shannon

The Anna Karenina Principle: Laws of a Happy Dinner Table by Anna Migeon

The Evolution of my Nature Notebook by Nicole Williams

The Importance of Memory Drawing in Nature Notebooks by Emily Kiser

‘The Play’s the Thing’ (Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2, 603-605) by Dr. John Thorley

Of Meltdowns and Mysteries by Colleen Klatt

Macbeth: A Seared Conscience by Bonnie Buckingham

Connections: How Much Does He Care? by Sandra Zuidema

A New Thing: A Charlotte Mason Homeschool Tutorial by Jeannette Tulis

Lord of the Heart: Generosity by Liz Cottrill

Tales from Shakespeare by Nancy Kelly

Wait for Light by Julie Stuber

Narration-So Simple, Yet So Complex by Shannon Whiteside

Weeping for the Children by Dr. Donna Johnson

Remembering Eve Anderson by Dr. Carroll Smith

The Case for Term Exams: Assessment “in the Round” by Celeste Cruz

Plutarch: A Lesson in Patience by Nancy Elliott

Charlotte Mason: A Liberal Education for All – not an Elitist Education by Scott Cottrill

Using Our Hands with the Study of Architecture, Engineering and Craftsmanship by Kerstin McClintic

Towards a Philosophy of Education: One Child at a Time by Therese Racklyeft

Will You Stand on This Mountaintop and Dream with Me? by Tara Schorr

Being a Student at the House of Education in 1921 by Bonnie Buckingham

Beginning a Charlotte Mason Education with Cheri Struble and Sara Dalton

A Hard Stop – Reflections & Grace by Joy Shannon

Nature Study Immersion with Marcia Mattern

Personal Initiative: The Most Powerful Habit by Evelyn Hoey

Keeping the Fresh Impulse of Learning: Multi-Age Homeschool Immersion by Nancy Kelly

Science: The Portal to Mason’s Knowledge of the Universe by Nicole Williams

The Irish Catholic House of Education? by Dr. Carroll Smith

Misspeaking—A Symptom of A Greater Problem? By Carroll Smith

The Significance of Narratives In The Life of Children by Shannon Whiteside

Part II: Norms, Nobility, And A New Departure by Art Middlekauf

Part I: Norms, Nobility, And A New Departure by Art Middlekauf

Following the Architecture Trail by Kerstin McClintic

Architecture: An Expression of Human Life by Sandra Zuidema

Dr. Jennifer Spencer Reviews the Book: A Touch of the Infinite by Megan Hoyt

The Great Recognition that Mason Brought to Florence by Art Middlekauff

Let’s Talk About Charlotte Mason by Margaret Coombs

Awakening The Souls Of Parents With Young Children by Kelli Christenberry

The Way of Love by Therese Racklyeft

Why I Didn’t Want My Child In My Science Class by Shannon Goods

Finding Fullness Of Life In The Science Of Relations by Joy Shannon

The Armitt and Charlotte Mason by Deborah Walsh

Living Science Through the Lives of Scientists by Nicole Williams

Measured and Found Wanting by Evelyn Hoey

Reflections On A Day In A Large Room by Dr. Cindy Swicegood

Fact Check: Did Charlotte Mason Reject Original Sin? by Art Middlekauf

Having It Both Ways: How Conquering Discipline and Atmosphere Cures Picky Eating by Anna Migeon

An Essay Towards a Charlotte Mason History Curriculum by Emily Kiser

Artefacts Worth Saving By Carroll Smith

Draw Your Own Conclusions by Dr. Donna Johnson

A Couple Hundred Pictures by Bonnie Buckingham

A Feast of a Picnic by Jason Fiedler

Learning Sloyd by Camille Malucci

A Bookless Education Is A Contradiction In Terms by Shannon Whiteside

“This I Know”: Post-Mason Meeting by Kara M. Stalter

Are You Willing to Serve? by Carroll Smith

A Brief Discussion On Living Books – Part II by Therese Racklyeft

A Brief Discussion On Living Books – Part I by Therese Racklyeft

Finding Life in a Dead Language by Shannon Goods

Not Just For The Children by Joy Shannon

Murder Mysteries: Do They Belong In The Trash or On The Couch? by Kathryn Forney

Memories of Charlotte Mason by Margaret Coombs

Natural History: Implementing Special Studies by Nicole Williams

A Respecter Of Persons by Evelyn Hoey

An Invitation to Purposeful Change by Dr. Cindy Swicegood

Daffodil Nature Walk with First Grade Students by Deborah Dobbins

When Doubts Assail, Encouragement From Charlotte Mason by Emily Cottrill Kiser

Mason’s Role in the Beginnings of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides

An Overlapping, Interlocking Experience by LeAnn Burkholder

A Book Review by Dr. John Thorley

The Steadfast Heart by Liz Cottrill

Taking Our Time by Amy Fiedler

A Dry Brush Tutorial or Who is Afraid of a Little Paint? by Jeannette Tulis

Adeline Bell: Pondering Charlotte Mason and Early Childhood by Dr. Donna Johnson

Listening with the Eyes by Rebekah Brown Hierholzer

For The Children’s Sake-Please Stand Aside! by Shannon Whiteside

My First Year at Gillingham Charter School by Olivia Groody

Business vs. Desire by Maura Timko

Living Math…Is it Possible? – On Purpose and Intentional Living-Including Mathematics by Christina Pittman

Celebrating the Centenary of the PNEU Liberal Education For All Movement 1914-2014 by Margaret Coombs

A Tale of Two Galleries by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Mining in the Archives by Kerri Forney

Building a Foundation of Number Sense PK-2 with Suzanne Bazak

Seeing Children As Persons by Melody Poli

Nature Study Field Trips for All Ages by Deborah Dobbins

Practical Suggestions For Narration by Carroll Smith

More Thoughts About Narration by Carroll Smith

Narration For The Newbie by Carroll Smith

Golden Nuggets and the Grand Conversation by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Picture Talk: A Child’s Perspective on Bible Stores by Lori Lawing

“A thousand thoughts that burn come to us on the wings of verse.”* by Bonnie Buckingham

Beyond Dust Particles: An Experiment in Sunday School by Amy Fiedler

The Danger of Safe Reading by Liz Cottrill

The Habits Pendulum by Nancy Kelly

Gillingham, Granting Children Access by Christie Werkheiser

Good Behavior vs. Good Character: A Redemption Story by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Creating a Mason Atmosphere on a Dime by Carroll Smith

A Handy Boys Lego Club: A Somewhat Surreptitious Attempt at Handicrafts with Boys by Jeannette Tulis

Studying Architecture in the Context of a Charlotte Mason Education by Jennifer Stec

Memory Work In A Mason Education by Shannon Whiteside

What Should Children Narrate? by Carroll Smith

Narration – The Act of Knowing by Carroll Smith

Some History On Narration – Part I by Carroll Smith

Eleanor M. Frost and the Narration of a “Picture Talk” – Part II by Carroll Smith

Eleanor M. Frost and the Narration of a “Picture Talk” – Part I by Carroll Smith

A Reflection from the Hive by Nancy Kelly

Fumbling Toward Composer Study by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

The Due Use of Books by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Savage or Manly? by Art Middlekauff

A House of the Holy Spirit by Art Middlekauff

Shared Culture and Citizenship by Timothy Laurio and Hannah Hoyt

Becoming a Charlotte Mason Teacher: Paradigm Shift Required by Jennifer Spencer

A Book that Changed the World: The King James Bible by Sheila Carroll

1611-2011: The 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible by Bonnie Buckingham

Self Education in the Art Museum by Amber Benton

A Well-Balanced Life by Tara Schorr

Our Part In Teaching Special Needs Children by Tammy Glaser

Artist Study: Makoto Fujimura by Bonnie Buckingham

Relaxed Alertness: Getting The Right Balance Between A Caring Environment and High Expectations by Carroll Smith

Science Lessons from the Parents’ Review by Carroll Smith

Thoughts on Living Like a Person by Laurie Bestvater

Lectio Divina and Narration by Lisa Cadora

Nature Study With Max: A Boy With Learning Difficulties by Deborah and Hollyanne Dobbins

A Rose By Another Name by Jennifer Spencer

Charlotte Mason’s Early Correspondence by Dr. John Thorley

On Time by Melanie Walker

Charlotte Mason and Special Needs Children by Tammy Glaser