Our Story

In 2015, the Charlotte Mason Institute hired Dr. Jen Spencer as Project Manager, asking her to create a curriculum and teacher training program that could be used by both schools and homeschools.  The CMI Board recommended the following criteria:

The curriculum should be American in focus, rather than British.

It should be based on research into primary-source materials.

It should use updated books that reflect our diverse population.

It should rely primarily on books that are currently in print.

It should follow the precedent set for us by Mason and the PNEU.

It should not be based on the work of any other organization.

It should reflect current education and brain research insofar as they do not conflict with Mason’s principles.

The research focused not only on learning how Mason taught each school subject, but also on finding previously-undiscovered patterns that might lead to insights that illustrate or supplement what Mason spelled out in her volumes.


Charlotte Mason’s Alveary Team

  • Continuing to read the original volumes
  • Reading the Parents’ Review
  • Analyzing the original PNEU schedules and programmes
  • Examining the books Mason used
  • Working with publishers to get books reprinted and/or updated
  • Working with Mason- and subject-matter experts to create materials when we cannot find them
  • Keeping up with current research to evaluate where it does and does not match with Mason’s 20 principles
  • Keeping our program fluid so that we can make appropriate changes as we make new connections and discoveries