Lynne Martin

Lynne Martin entered the world of Charlotte Mason through the most common means: her love of reading. Feeling at a loss as to where to find good books for her children, she knew she had arrived home when her sister-in-law introduced her to the Ambleside book list. Since then the love has only grown as she has homeschooled 3 of her 4 children for the past 7 years. With the skill set she has gained by serving as the Exhibitor Coordinator for an annual homeschooling conference in Southern Ontario, leading and co-leading in a CM bookclub and co-op, Lynne is honoured (yes, that is with a “u”) to help bring the Canadian Alveary into being. It is truly a thrill to have a viable working option for those of us north of the border. Spreading the feast has taken on a whole new main course!


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