Kelli Christenberry


Kelli Christenberry has been involved in the Charlotte Mason Community since discovering her work in 2000. She founded and facilitates the central Illinois Charlotte Mason group, A Continuing Conversation. She also leads and directs several online CMI Study Groups and enjoys studying and discussing the vitalizing ideas on education and life. Through God’s abundant grace, her children were home educated through high school graduation following the philosophy and methods of Mason; all pursued diverse University degrees and are married. Besides being on the CMI Board of Directors, she is also involved in several Charlotte Mason Institute projects including Teacher Education and Training, Research & Development, CMI Study Groups, and the Alveary Curriculum Development where she currently works with the high school team. She is excited about all the research, development, training and support that CMI brings to our communities! She has a passion for sharing the beauty and breadth of ideas in a Mason educational approach with others through speaking, mentoring, consulting. In her studies over the last several years, she has been encouraged and challenged to consider the magnitude of this relational education that, continuing on with Mason, we aim to place before children with ‘minds astonishingly alert’. Kelli enjoys gardening; flowers make her smile. She looks forward to much adventure and many travels with her recently-retired husband and suggests that Paris is always a good idea!


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