Jenna Brown

Jenna Brown holds a BA in Visual Communication (University of North Carolina) and an MA in Educational Media Instructional Technology (Appalachian State University) with additional studies in media literacy, library science, computer programming, art, graphic design, and the history of education in the U.S. With experience in project management, software and multimedia design and development, she is well suited for her position as Project Manager of Mason’s Alveary. Jenna fell in love with CM’s philosophy after attending a Simply Charlotte Mason conference. She subsequently joined a CM book club and founded a local CM community, Honey of the Hive, which includes a cottage school, nature club, and a book club. Jenna and her husband, Will, have four children (including twin girls) and Jenna homeschools the oldest three. She enjoys connecting with her children over a good book, sewing (in rare moments of downtime), capturing moments through photography, and spending time in nature with her Honey of the Hive families. She also enjoys encouraging mothers and young adults through her church community and sharing the love of Christ with international students and refugees.


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