Elaine Davis

After earning a B.A in English with a Minor in Spanish from Clemson University, then studying and working with students in Salamanca, Spain for a year, Elaine Davis has taught Spanish in various settings to students from preschool-age to adult since 2009. However, it wasn’t until 2011, when she discovered a teaching method with an emphasis on Comprehensible Input and a natural approach to language acquisition, that teaching foreign language went from being a placeholder to a passion. Over the next four years Elaine learned more about Comprehensible Input teaching methods by engaging in the international teaching community, attending conferences, and implementing the methods in her classroom. Her journey with Charlotte Mason began in 2015 as an inquisitive mom. She was delighted as she saw that a clear thread could be traced from Mason’s approach to foreign language and the approaches that had made such a difference in her success with foreign language. When CMI contacted her about working with the Spanish portion of the Alveary Curriculum she was excited by the prospect of creating lessons that build students’ success through comprehensible input and can be implemented in settings where the teacher might not speak Spanish fluently. So far it has been a thrilling and rewarding challenge! Elaine lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband Keith and their three young daughters and teaches Spanish at Crestwood Day School.