Amber O’Neal Johnston

Amber O'Neal Johnston - square

Amber O’Neal Johnston fell in love with the principles of Charlotte Mason when her oldest was a preschooler. After wholeheartedly committing to follow Mason’s philosophy, she became disheartened when months went by with little mention, if any, of the stories and accomplishments of Black people in her school room. The literary quality of the books was better, but she found that the cultural emptiness she experienced as a schoolgirl was being perpetuated within the walls of her own home.

Committed to bridging the gap for her four children, Amber has embarked on a journey of uniquely merging living books with a culturally-rich atmosphere to ensure that their education is not merely a legalistic Charlotte Mason venture but an honest experience that honors the Truth while helping her children to see beauty in themselves and others. Amber shares her observations on home education, diverse books, worldschooling, and more at, and when asked about her path she likes to smile and say, “In my house, Charlotte Mason has an afro.”

In addition to her experience as a Charlotte Mason practitioner, speaker, and writer, Amber runs a non-profit organization focused on promoting and supporting home education among Black families in her community. She holds an MBA from Florida A&M University and brings over twenty years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial marketing, brand management, and business experience to her perspectives on the Board.